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Management software for your school

Now everything will manage digitally and with more convenience. which provide you with a complete solution for your school work of management such as Fee Management, Class Schedule.

WHAT IS Edufence?

Edufence is school management system which provide you a complete solution for your school work of management such as Fee Management, Class Schedule, Exam Schedule, Salary management, etc

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1. This feature includes Data Entry of Old and New Students including setup of their Academic fees and Bus Fees.
2. Allotment of sections, houses, auto-generating their roll numbers and ID Cards is part of this module.
3. We can also fill their attendance and promote them to next classes in this module.

1. Tools to create Exam Time Table.
2. Auto-Generate Student Admit Cards and print.
3. Tools to create Sitting Arrangement.
4. Options to fill Exam Marks Auto-Generate Mark sheets

1. Single Screen option for Fee Admin to collect Fees.
2. Reconciliation options Cancelling or Reprint Receipt Fees.
3. Statement Daily Reports Credit & Debit Notes

1. Daily Cash & Bank Book.
2. Payment & Receipt Voucher.
3. Options to Cancel Voucher.
4. Ledger Balance.
5. Vendor Report.
6. Balance Sheet.

1. Add/View information related to New/Old Staff.
2. Auto-Generate Employee Ids and their ID Cards.
3. Leave Management with Approval and Rejection Options
4. Options to fill Attendance, Salary Bank Letters and Payment Vouchers Advance Salary Statement

1. Add & View Book Information.
2. Add & View Stock Information Options to Issue and Return Books.
3. Options to Report Loss of Book Fine Detail and Supplier Detail

1. Create Notice & Circular for Staff and Students.
2. Visitor Enquiry Student Registration.
3. Staff Period Arrangements.
4. Staff Extra Duties.
5. Bus Management

1. Add & View Item Information.
2. Add & View Stock Information.
3. Options to Issue and Return Item.
4. Options to Report Loss or Damage Item Report.