Edufence school management system software consists of various modules to manage all activities of schools, college, and other educational institutions managerial work effectively and hassle-free such as Fee management, Staff management, Inventory management, Library management, etc; all these modules are managed digitally by teachers and administrators of those institutes.

How School Management system software is useful?

1. Time Management-

It helps to save precious time for teachers and other administrators as they can create various reports and generate fees invoice, transport management respectively.

2. HR Management-

Leave management, payroll distribution, pay slip creation, etc. can easily be managed by our school management software with less paperwork and by saving a lot of time.

3. Inventory Management-

As inventory management is a systematic process of sourcing, storing, and maintaining the records of inventory thus, our school management software helps to manage the entire task accurately and systematically.

4. Report Making-

All the data can be stored in one place in this software which makes it easy to use as users can retrieve data as and when required.

5. Less paperwork-

Hence all the records are kept and recorded digitally thus, it eliminates all the paperwork which used to be handled manually.


Edufence ERP Software is integrated system software that includes all modules of operations performed in institutions like Staff management, Fee Management, Inventory management and it covers not only school management operations but academic activities also as assigning projects, Scheduling exams, Uploading Time Table, etc. There are several other modules that help in managing extracurricular activities.

Edufence is a Software Management System which provides you all the solution for School Management Work such as Student, Staff & Fee Management, etc.

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