Edufence is an ERP software that offers a full set of Employee Management modules that a company needs in order to manage employee information this can ensure that an organization remains compliant with HR requirements, thus it also ensures more precise decision-making for the management.

Edufence makes everything easy to manage everything digitally and with more convenience. Data is also held securely for as long as you need it.

Edufence School management helps to Increase accuracy in work, minimizes repetition of activities, and reduces paperwork by managing payroll processes of faculty members and staff. This software also helps to Add/View information related to New/Old Staff members.

Through Edufence ERP software Admin can Auto-Generate Employee ID cards. It also has a Leave Management module for Staff members which makes it easy to monitor annual leaves in a centralized location.


1. Increase Accuracy

2. Reduces paperwork

3. Efficient Management

4. Easy Leave Tracking

5. Auto Generate Employee Ids and many more.

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Edufence is a Software Management System which provides you all the solution for School Management Work such as Student, Staff & Fee Management, etc.

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